ADHD Support

Providing adult ADHD assessments and education across Canada.


Assessments and treatment plans for people located in NB, NS and Ontario.

A national charity leading ADHD awareness, education, and support. Explore their programs: Executive Functioning, Group Coaching, Resources, Events, and Advocacy.

Studentgizor mobile app logo, featuring a lightbulb of ideas and a time planner to stay organized, Aimed towards first year university students with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Studentgizor is a unique mobile app tailored for neurodiverse university students. It offers personalized features addressing ADHD challenges, such as customized delivery modes and deadline reminders. Students can personalize their profiles, and the app includes a grade calculator to track success. The app utilizes color coding for subjects, notifications, and academic standing. Eligible students in Nova Scotia can access the app for free through the Equipment and Services Grant after registering with the NS Accessibility Directorate. 

With Studentgizor, you can stay focused, meet deadlines, and witness your hard work pay off!